1. Peggy Johnson

    I can’t believe I don’t remember our move. I would have been 5, so I should have remembered that momentous occasion.
    You forgot to draw in the chimney going right up through the centre of the house. That’s what we used to play 7up on in the living room (now you’ll have to explain 7up). Also the only heat into the upstairs was radiation from the chimney and a register on the landing of the stairs, 2/3rds of the way up. Plus that open grate in the floor at the top of the stairs into the living room below.
    But I can see that those details would have led to a few more paragraphs.

    • cindycindysu

      Yeah. I know the chimney came up beside the stairs, and there was a little jog around it on the landing upstairs, but it was hard to draw it in! I didn’t remember about the ‘no registers’ in the upstairs rooms; I assume there were registers downstairs. And I had forgotten about playing 7-Up against the chimney; I’ll put that in a future post!

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