About Me

Hello blog readers!  My name is Cindy.  I was born in the 1950’s, and I grew up on a farm near Glenboro, Manitoba.  I grew up with 2 parents and 3 sisters.  I now have 3 adult children, twin boys and a girl.  (How do you say that when they’re adults… “I have 3 children, two men and a woman”…?)

I have worked most of my life since I was 16, starting in a bakery in Glenboro, and spending more than 40 years working as a computer programmer.  Recently (2017), I was laid off from my job.  I have had it on my heart for some years now to write stuff for my kids – advice, observations, how much they mean to me, favourite recipes, as well as some of my personal background growing up to where I am now.

This blog is for them, from their Mom.  It’s also for anyone who can benefit from Mom advice.  And who likes to read stories of people who grew up in the ‘olden days’.  And who would like to try new recipes.